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What is Mammary Duct Ectasia?

Mammary duct ectasia is not related to cancer. It is a condition that occurs due to normal changes of the breast. As we all know, the breasts go through changes as they age. This can lead to changes in how they work. There are two major components that make up the breasts, namely lobules and ducts. Lobules are responsible for producing milk, while tubes carry it to the nipple before the baby feeds on it.

Mammary Duct Ectasia
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Women who approach the menopause are more at risk of experiencing this condition. Their ducts will become shorter and wider than before. In some cases, a secretion is produce and it can fill up the ducts. Pain may appear although it is not always the case. Another symptom of mammary duct ectasia is discharge coming out of the nipple. The liquid can either be thick or watery. Colors also vary depending on the person’s condition.

Breast cancer surgeon

It is important to know that having duct ectasia doesn’t increase your risk of developing breast cancer since the two are not related. However, it still needs to be treated especially when pain is involved. There are several tests you have to take, such as a mammogram and ultrasound scan. They’re necessary to make a proper diagnosis. As for the treatment, it’s probably not necessary as it typically goes away on its own.

Despite not needing medical intervention, it still needs your attention. For example, don’t squeeze the nipple because this can worsen the discharge. Meanwhile, pain can be managed use medicines like paracetamol. There are many drugs that can effectively suppress pain. Surgery may be considered if the discharge doesn’t stop after a while. The removal either involves the problematic ducts or all the major ones. The second procedure is also known as a total duct excision. Following surgery, the patient can experience a decrease in sensitivity of the nipple.

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