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Sintomas De Cancer De Colon

When it comes to sintomas de cancer de colon, you must be cautious of the following symptoms. Like many other types of cancer, colon cancer is hard to detect during early development because it causes no symptom. As it progresses, symptoms will start to appear. Also, some of the symptoms are similar to those of other diseases, so you should not ignore if they happen to you. The first sign is abdominal pain. When we suffer from stomach pain, cancer doesn’t come to mind because it happens to us regularly. However, with this condition, there can be lingering pain. If you are suspicious about pain you’ve experienced recently, talk to a doctor to find out the underlying cause.

Sintomas De Cancer De Colon
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Whether or not it is related to cancer, pain that constantly appears should be treated immediately. Another symptom related to colorectal cancer is blood in stool. This is not exclusively related to cancer, but one thing for sure, anal bleeding usually indicates something serious. Get yourself checked to find out the cause. Hemorrhoids are commonly linked to anal bleeding, but if you don’t have this problem, there has to be something else that’s just as serious. When detected early, colon cancer is treatable.

Have you experienced diarrhea or constipation over a long period of time? Constipation can happen due to a lack of fiber intake. To solve this, you only need to increase fiber consumption. Vegetables are rich in fiber, so eat more of this food. Diarrhea is also very common. Someone doesn’t need to have colon cancer to face this problem. However, if any of these symptoms lasts for days or even weeks, better consult a doctor because it is not normal. Changes in bowel habits are another sign of this cancer. Only a doctor can give an answer after performing a series of tests.

Cancer the colon sintomas

For some people, cancer can also explain why they suffer from extreme weight loss. Cancer cells often release substances that affect how the body processes food. Also, certain types of cancer make the patients have a hard time swallowing food. This can lead to decreased appetite. As a result of eating less, they will experience weight loss. Then again, weight loss is not specifically related to cancer. People go through it all the time due to depression and other causes, so the only way to answer it is by getting a medical checkup.

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