Saturday, September 22, 2018

Most Cancer Cases in the World in 2018

It is undeniable that the more modern day the development of the times causes people's lifestyles to tend towards an unhealthy direction. Where currently there are many food products that contain cancer-causing hazardous ingredients or even daily electronic products whose radiation can trigger the growth of cancer cells in the body.

Most Cancer Cases in the World in 2018

So it is not surprising that Denmark is currently one of the countries with the most cancer cases in the world. This is because the majority of the population in the country consumes alcohol and smokers both women and men. Therefore, about 326 people out of 100,000 indicated that they have cancer.

The types of cancer that are most experienced by residents in Denmark include lung cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer. So it is not surprising if the population mortality rate due to cancer in the country is indeed very high. To find out more complete information about cancer, you can access the page.

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