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Colonoscopy for Detecting Tubular Adenoma of Colon

If you are looking for the definition of tubular adenoma of colon, we will explain it to you. It is a condition that causes the formation of tumors. Any tumor needs to be treated as soon as it is detected to prevent it from becoming aggressive or also known as rectal cancer. These adenomas are considered pre-malignant. Over time, they can grow quickly and turn into malignant tumors.

tubular adenoma of colon
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A colonoscopy is required to detect the presence of adenomas in the body. This procedure is effective to detect any suspicious mass in the lining of the colon. There are some risk factors that you need to know. Age plays a role because it commonly affects older people. Having a risk factor doesn’t necessarily lead to the development of colon cancer. It just increases the risk compared to the general population.

Tubular adenoma occurs when there are genetic mutations. Dysplasia is characterized by abnormal growth of the lining of the colon. What starts as healthy cells can end up becoming malignant cells and grow uncontrollably. Although a colonoscopy provides accurate results, we shouldn’t rely on this test to detect colon cancer. In many cases, colon cancer causes symptoms, such as blood in stool and constipation. A tumor may cause blockage when it is large enough. In an early stage, it normally doesn’t cause any symptoms, so it can go unnoticed. This is when screening becomes important because we don’t have to wait until symptoms start to appear.

Does colonoscopy hurt?

Some people wonder if colonoscopy hurts. This method may cause discomfort. As for pain, it varies among patients, but many have reported that it is still tolerable. Colonoscopy should be performed by a medical specialist. It uses a special type of camera known as a colonoscope. The camera is very small, allows it to pass through the rectum easily. To get a clear picture of the colon, the patient will be required to have preparation which includes limiting food intake. It aims to clean out the colon.

You can rest assured that the test won’t be painful. It does feel uncomfortable, but it is normal for anyone who undergoes it for the first time. So, what does it feel like? It can be described as a feeling of fullness. It happens because the colonoscope that enters the intestine affects the bowel movement. It can also be described as a feeling of bloating. The discomfort would go away once the test is done.

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