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Cologuard Vs Colonoscopy, What's the Difference?

To figure out the difference between cologuard vs colonoscopy, we need to know the meaning of each term. Colonoscopy is a procedure commonly advised to those with a significant family history of colon cancer. As we all know, many experts believe that cancer is hereditary, meaning that it can be passed down through a family. This procedure is also advised when suspicious results come up following a FIT or Fecal Immunochemical Test. Colonoscopy uses a tube which then be passed through the rectum. The purpose is to view the condition of colon and rectum.

Cologuard Vs Colonoscopy
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If the doctor sees polyps formed on the lining of the rectum, he can do something to remove them. Is colonoscopy risky? No, this procedure is far from dangerous and not usually causes complications. There is still risk, but it affects only around 5 out of 1,000 people, so don’t worry about it. What are the possible complications? Aside from bleeding from the colon, it may also cause perforation to the part of the body. There are many ways to manage a complication, such as using antibiotics and surgery. The risk of death is even smaller than the risk of a complication as it affects only affects 1/14,000.

How long does a colonoscopy take?

The whole procedure takes 40 to 60 minutes. How is it different from cologuard? With cologuard, the patient is not required to make dietary changes prior to taking a test. While there are no dietary or medication restrictions, this procedure isn’t really recommended for people aged less than 50, especially those who have close relatives who have battled with cancer before. This test aims to detect the formation of tumors in people who have yet to have a colonoscopy. In other words, if colonoscopy is not considered an option, this can come to the rescue.

At the end of the day, any type is screening is better than having none at all. Another difference is the results. Colonoscopy is more comprehensive because it also acts as a preventive measure, while the other one is strictly for detecting cancer. FIT is another type of test commonly used to monitor the health of the colon. It is designed for early screening. This can be done by anyone who has no family history of this specific cancer. How does it work? It works by detecting blood in the stool with the help of antibodies. Stool containing blood is not normal. While it is not exclusively related to cancer, a test is still required for early detection. That’s what you should know about cologuard vs colonoscopy.

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