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Vulvar Cancer Picture Images

We will share some vulvar cancer picture images. Speaking of vulvar cancer, it is pretty rare compared to other types of cancer. It affects a woman’s external genitalia. If you want to know more about the anatomy of the vulva, then get a diagram. It is clearly stated on the picture that the vulva includes the outer as well as the inner lips of the vagina. It extends to the clitoris along with the opening of the vagina. Just like any other cancer, it is curable as long as it is detected before it spreads to other parts of the body.

Vulvar Cancer Picture Images
image source: medcentral.org
It is worth-noting that the treatment for this cancer can have major side effects. It can even interfere with sexual function. Every woman is at risk of this disease, especially those who like to involve in casual sex with multiple partners. Vulvar cancer has been linked to HPV, a type of virus that’s transmitted through sexual contact. The vulva can be examined to find the possibility of cancer development. To lower the risk, it is important to avoid situations where you can be exposed to HPV. Avoiding carcinogens is also necessary. For those who love to smoke, time to stop because the substances in tobacco may trigger the formation of cancer.

After seeing vulvar cancer picture images, you might want to know the symptoms of this cancer. In an early stage, it causes no symptom at all. But as the cancer grows, pain can start to appear and gets sharper during intercourse. Vaginal discharge is another symptom although it is not exclusively related to vulvar cancer. For many women, vaginal discharge is a common occurrence which can happen due to a lack of hygiene. Another sign is a vulvar mass. The bumps may look reddish or pinkish.

Pictures of vulvar cancer

Vulvar cancer can spread to other areas, including the lymph nodes. The spread to distant organs can also happen, but it is pretty uncommon unless it has progressed into an advanced stage. The doctor needs to make a diagnosis before the cancer is staged. Staging directly affects prognosis. Besides, every stage of cancer is approached differently. When it is still early, one type of treatment is enough to remove the abnormal cells. But when it has grown so much that it affects other areas, several treatments need to be combined to stop cancer growth and prolong the patient’s life expectancy.

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