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Understanding Vulvar Cancer with Vulvar Cancer Pictures

Looking at vulvar cancer pictures will give you an idea of how it looks like. The vulva is the area close to the vagina. This type of cancer is predominantly develops in the labia majora. It actually accounts for about 50 percent of cases. It can also grow in the labia minora, although it is not as common as the previous occurrence. When it comes to prognosis, we have to take into account the stage of the disease. If it has spread to adjacent structures, it will directly affect the patient’s survival rate. While the size of the tumor is a factor to consider, there are others that can’t be ruled out, including nodal involvement.

Vulvar Cancer Pictures
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When there is no nodal involvement, the patient is likely to live longer. If there’s nodal involvement, the survival rate will decrease to only 50%. Vulvar cancer pictures are similar to pictures of any other cancer. A mass will start to develop and keep getting bigger. There are a number of risk factors you should know, such as age, size, and thickness. When a tumor is still small, it is typically easier to remove. The same applies to its stage. An early stage tumor has yet to cause widespread damage, so it can be cured more easily.

What does vulvar cancer look like?

It looks like a lump. Get a picture of vulvar cancer to figure out where it commonly grows. Just locate the vulvar area. The tumor may start anywhere in that area. Another characteristic is unique texture on a patch of skin. It is distinguishable from the surrounding area. Not only does it have a different texture, but the color isn’t exactly the same as the normal skin. There are many other symptoms, including painful urination and abnormal bleeding. We’re talking about blood that doesn’t come from a period. In addition to bleeding, it may also cause secretion of discharge.

Some people think the lumps looks genital warts. Although they have some resemblance, they still have different side effects on health. Aggressive tumors can look like warts, but they can become deadly. If you experience any of the aforementioned symptoms, just get yourself checked. The symptoms help the doctor figure out what’s actually happening. Not every abnormal bleeding is associated with cancer. There are other diseases that cause similar symptoms. Even if it’s cancer, don’t despair because there are many effective treatment options for people with cancer.

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