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Understanding Endometrial Cancer Staging and Treatment

If you want to know about endometrial cancer staging, then you must need to learn about the anatomy of the uterus because this cancer develops in that part of the body. There are 2 layers that make up the inside of the uterus. The thin one is known as endometrium. This part changes in thickness on a monthly basis. As it prepares for pregnancy, it will thicken. If pregnancy doesn’t occur, the lining will be shed off and flushed out of the body through menstruation.

endometrial cancer staging
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Endometrial cancer can cause several symptoms. Abnormal bleeding is of the common signs. It is normal to have a period each month, but if it occurs between menstrual cycles, it is pretty suspicious. Get yourself checked to find out the problem because this type of cancer is associated with abnormal bleeding. Endometrial cancer staging is used to learn whether the cancer has spread or still stayed in its original site.

Each cancer has unique characteristics. Certain tests need to be done before any treatment is given. Tests are useful to tell whether cancer cells have spread or not. Stage 1 indicates that the cancer is still localized. It should be found only in the lining of the uterus. As it progresses, it will grow bigger and break away from the original site. At stage 4, the cancer has reached distant organs, like the liver. Advanced cancer is the hardest to cure because the abnormal cells have infiltrated different parts of the body, so it takes more effort to get rid of them.

Endometrial cancer treatment

Surgery is a popular form of treatment for this cancer. Surgery is required to remove the part that already contains cancer cells. It possibly includes the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and the uterus itself. In certain cases where surgery is considered risky, it is probably not recommended. There are other alternatives, such as radiation therapy. Some treatments can also be used together to provide the best outcome.

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