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The Definition of Spindle Cell Sarcoma

Spindle cell sarcoma is a type of cancer that develops in the skin. It can also grow in any other surrounding tissues. It is named after the unique spindle shape of the cells. For your information, this type of cancer is quite rare. The formation starts in the layers of connective tissue located right beneath the skin. The mass looks like a lump. So if you find a suspicious lump on the skin, please be cautious because it can be dangerous.

Spindle Cell Sarcoma
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It starts small, but eventually grows bigger and bigger. Just like any other cancer, it is barely noticeable through the naked eye. However, under the microscope the cells that make up the mass can be easily identified. It is easier to treat if detected earlier. Surgery is chosen as the primary treatment to remove the cancer. The surgery may also take out part of healthy tissues to ensure the patient’s body is totally free of the cancerous cells. A biopsy can also be done to confirm how successful the surgery was.

Endometrial stromal sarcoma

Just like spindle cell sarcoma, this type of cancer is also pretty rare. It only affects less than 1 percent of cancers that develop in the reproductive organs. Although rare, it is actually less aggressive. This is good news to anyone who has to suffer from this disease. With hormone therapy and or surgery, this cancer can be treated.

What are the symptoms? The formation of ESS in the body can cause pelvic pain especially if it has grown so big. Other possible symptoms include abnormal bleeding and swelling. Regardless of its slow growth, this cancer is not to be overlooked. Whenever you experience these symptoms, get yourself checked to identify if it has to do with cancer or not. If it does, necessary treatment needs to be given immediately.

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