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T Cell Lymphoma, Cancer that Affects T Cells

What is the definition of T-cell lymphoma? Let’s start by learning about lymphocytes. Lymphocytes serve to fight infection. They travel to different areas through the lymphatic system. Just so you know, there are two types of lymphocytes. The first one is known as T cells, and the second one is B cells. The body needs these two to fight infection and protect itself from foreign intruders. Though they are equally important, they deliver their jobs in a slightly different way.

T Cell Lymphoma
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T-cell lymphomas are a type of lymphomas that affects the T cells. There is one interesting fact, that each T cell is only capable of recognizing one type of infection. T-cell lymphomas are not that common compared to others that belong in this group of cancers. Not only rare, they also affect adults more than youth especially if they develop from mature cells. Also, if we take gender into consideration, this disease is more prevalent in men than in women. Those that develop from immature T cells are more likely to affect younger people.

B-cell lymphoma

This particular type of lymphomas affects B cells. As said earlier, these cells are an important part of the immune system. In some cases, the cancer can grow so fast or aggressive. It can also grow slowly or referred to as indolent. B-cell lymphomas usually fall under the category of Non-hodgkin lymphomas. The symptoms of this disease include swelling of the lymph nodes. They probably don’t cause pain, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be dangerous.

Some people with this cancer also experience night sweats and fevers. Another common symptom is weight loss. While losing weight is considered normal, it shouldn’t happen abruptly without a cause. Please beware if you experience some of these symptoms. Physical exams can help figure out whether the symptoms are related to lymphoma or another medical condition.

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