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Stomach Cancer Life Expectancy

Speaking of stomach cancer life expectancy, this type of cancer develops in the wall of the stomach. Stomach cancer cases have decreased over the past few years due to an increase in hygiene. There are a few risks factors, including smoking and obesity. Carcinogens have long been linked to this disease. What are the survival rates for people with stomach cancer? It highly depends on the stage of the cancer and grade.

Stomach Cancer Life Expectancy
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Some cancers grow faster than the others. Another factor that affects life expectancy is the patient’s response to treatment. When the patient responds well to treatment, he has a higher chance to recover because the substances in the medications will work more efficiently. Age is another important factor to consider. It is normal for older people to have a weaker immune system. Besides, their health also has deteriorated.

The 5-year survival rate for stage 4 is only around 4%. It is not high by any means, so even the most advanced treatment will probably fail to deliver promising results as the cancer has spread to different parts of the body. In stage 4, the doctor not only has to focus on the cancer in its original site, but also those that have been found in other areas.

Stage 3 stomach cancer

Stage 3 stomach cancer may need more than one type of treatment. Surgery is still seen as one of the most important procedures. The goal is to remove cancer and tissues that contain these malignant cells. Chemotherapy is another important treatment. This uses drugs to kill cancer. It can be given before or after surgery. Radiotherapy is also beneficial. It can help reduce pain and help kill cancer. Not every case requires surgery. Sometimes this procedure is impossible to be performed due to certain difficulties. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy can be a solution to this problem. That’s all about stomach cancer life expectancy.

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