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Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer Survival Rate and Risk Factors

Before we talk about stage 4 ovarian cancer, you need to know what ovarian cancer is. As the name implies, this type of cancer starts in the ovaries. The ovaries have a job to store eggs and produce hormones. The development of a cancer can start when the DNA in a cell doesn’t work like normal. It will then be followed by the formation of abnormal cells. And when they grow uncontrollably, they will cause so many problems in the body. The abnormal cells are what we refer to as cancer.

stage 4 ovarian cancer
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Ovarian cancer is actually pretty common among women as it affects 1 in 75 people. The risk will increase once they reach their menopausal periods. Just like any other cancer, ovarian cancer is very serious especially when it has metastasized. That’s why it is advised for women to get checked on a regular basis. When found earlier, the survival rate is still high.

Risk factors

It’s hard to predict when someone will have cancer because it can grow inside anyone. However, there are several risk factors we can’t rule out. Being middle-aged should be convincing enough for you to do regular check-ups because older women are at a higher risk of this disease. Family history is another risk factor. If one or some of your relatives have had battled ovarian cancer before, you’re probably at risk. There is no better protection than early detection. As said before, cancer can affect anyone. Therefore, regular check-ups are highly recommended. Also, you need to increase your knowledge of common signs of ovarian cancer.

According to reports, birth control pills are believed to lower the risk. If you are on birth control pills, they should be effective to help prevent this life-threatening disease. Stage 4 ovarian cancer is the most advanced and associated with the lowest survival rate. It makes sense because when cancer cells can be found far from the original site, it will be much harder to eradicate. Even with the best medication, patients that have reached this stage would be very lucky to stay alive. At stage 4, the cells can be found in the lungs, liver, and other organs.

Stage 3 ovarian cancer survival rate

There is still hope for patients with stage 3 ovarian cancer. The 5-year survival rate is around 39%, which is pretty high compared to stage 4. However, the life expectancy is influenced by several factors, including the general health of the patient. The grade of the cancer also plays a role. Another determining factor is the patient’s response to treatment. If she can’t tolerate the chemicals that enter her body, it will be harder to survive because those drugs are really needed to kill cancer cells.

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