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Stage 3 Esophagus Cancer Treatment Options

Stage 3 esophagus cancer requires full attention because in this stage, the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes and adjacent areas. It is commonly known as locally advanced. Treatment should be given immediately because without treatment, the cells will keep dividing and causing more damage to healthy parts of the body. The faster the treatment is administered, the higher the chance to survive.

Stage 3 Esophagus Cancer
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Advanced cancer typically needs more than just one treatment. Every form of treatment works differently in helping the patient recover. When those treatments are used together, the growth of cancer can be minimized. Surgery is a primary option for cancer that is still localized. But in stage 3, it already prepares itself to invade other areas. It needs more powerful treatment. In this case, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are considered the most effective. When surgery is not an option, the doctor will provide these to the patient.

Esophageal cancer staging

We’ve previously talked about cancer staging, but on this occasion, we’d like to explain more about stage 3 esophagus cancer. This stage is later divided into 3 others, which are 3A, 3B and 3C. Stage 3A indicates that the cancer has either invaded the pleura and pericardium or the muscle located at the bottom of the rib cage. Pleura is the lining of the walls, while pericardium is the outermost layer of the heart. The cancer has yet to be found in another area.

Stage 3B indicates that the cancer has found its way into the membrane that covers the esophagus. It also has traveled to lymph nodes although other areas are still free of the cells. Stage 3 shows even more expansive growth as the cells not only invade the pleura and pericardium, but also 6 lymph nodes. In some cases, it can also be detected in the trachea and other structures close to it.

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