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Relation Between Complex Kidney Cyst and Stage 3 Kidney Cancer

Before kidney cancer progresses into stage 3 kidney cancer, treatment should be given immediately. Surgery is highly effective for early stages of cancer. Removing cancerous cells from the place when they originated would prevent them from spreading to other areas. But if they have spread, a different approach is needed. Surgery can still be an option, but chemo also becomes so important. The drugs can be taken orally or injected into the bloodstream. While surgery is effective, other actions should follow to stop it from coming back.

Stage 3 Kidney Cancer
image source: urology-athens.gr
The doctor will provide treatment based on input from the patient. In many cases, it takes more than one specialist to handle a cancer. That’s why you need to communicate with the doctor, so that he can stay informed. Staging is required to help the doctor figure out the characteristics of the cancer. Every cancer is different. It may progress slowly, which is beneficial for the patient as the doctor has more time to make the best treatment plan. If it grows quickly, then the treatment needs to be more intensive.

This type of cancer is divided into 4 different stages. They are stage 1, 2, 3, and 4. Each stage has its own characteristics. For instance, in stage 1, the tumor is still very small and localized. As the stage increases, there is a higher possibility that the cancer will spread to nearby and distant organs. Stage 4 is considered advanced because it not only has invaded the nearby tissues, but also other parts which are far from the original site. The size of the cancer is around 7 cm in stage 2. It is bigger in stage 3. Besides, it has also traveled to the adrenal gland.

Complex kidney cyst

Kidney cysts are pouches of fluid that develop in the kidneys. The formation of a cyst shows that there is something wrong with the work of the kidney. The noncancerous ones rarely cause serious problems, though. However, a mass in the kidney can also be cancerous. If this is the case, the patient should make an appointment with the doctor to talk about treatment and stuff. What treatment would the doctor suggest? It can be surgery knowing it is highly effective to remove cancer before something bad happens. As long as the cancer stays in one location, the patient has a high chance to fully recover. The cancer will likely not grow back, too. That’s all about stage 3 kidney cancer.

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