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Lymphoma Symptoms In Women that Shouldn't be Ignored

Whether you are a man or a woman, it is important to beware of the symptoms of lymphoma. Swelling is one of the most common lymphoma symptoms in women. Swelling can occur in different places. For example, a lymphoma that blocks the vessels who job is to carry blood to the upper body can cause swelling in several areas, including the neck and face. Pain is another indication that there is something wrong with the swelling.

lymphoma symptoms in women
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Another common sign is the appearance of lumps. They are noticeable, but many people like to ignore them. Before things get serious, you should go to the doctor and let him check the lumps. If they are indeed related to lymphoma, necessary treatment will be administered. Even if there is no pain when you touch the lumps, there is no reason to just ignore this unusual condition. Just because no pain is involved doesn’t mean it is not dangerous. It will get worse if you don’t see treatment immediately.

Hodgkin's lymphoma treatment

What are the treatment choices for hodgkin lymphoma? One thing you should know that this disease is curable. The doctor needs to make a diagnosis before creating a treatment plan for the patient. Chemotherapy is effective and it works better when used along with radiation. Every patient has different needs, which means the amount of radiation should tailored to his needs. The same goes for the number of chemo doses that the doctor would give.

When the first treatment fails to deliver promising results, the condition is called refractory. At this point, the patient can still continue his therapy, which includes radiation, chemotherapy, and even stem cell transplantation. And then, there is a form of treatment known as immunotherapy. Some chemicals can directly target cancer cells. But what if the ability is also provided to the body’s immune system? Immunotherapy drugs can help build the immune system to slow down cancer growth. That's some lymphoma symptoms in women.

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