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Long-term Survival / Multiple Myeloma Prognosis

The definition of multiple myeloma is a cancer of the blood. Before we talk about multiple myeloma prognosis, we should learn about the function of white blood cells. As we all know, this type of cells is specifically designed to fight infection. Multiple myeloma develops in bone marrow. It may not cause trouble at first, but as it progresses, the cancerous cells can start affecting healthy blood cells.

Multiple Myeloma Prognosis
Multiple Myeloma Prognosis
There are some common symptoms, but pain is the one that every patient would probably suffer the most. Other symptoms include frequent urination and extreme thirst. It is also worth-noting that this cancer has a high chance of recurring. Although multiple myeloma accounts for the majority of cases, there are other types as well.

Multiple myeloma cancer symptoms

We’ve told you some of the symptoms. Let’s discuss the survival rates. Cancer stage directly affects the patient’s survival rate. Stage 1 is associated with 62 months of survival rate. The figure decreases constantly as the disease progresses. For instance, in stage 2, the patient may only have 44 months left to live and 29 months for stage 3. These figures are collected from those who have received treatment in the past 25 years, so the accuracy is high.

The types of treatment that a patient has are also a big factor to consider. What’s interesting is that the 5-year survival rate has been increasing in the past few decades. It has to do with advances in pharmaceutical sciences. Dealing with cancer is not easy because this disease can be life-threatening. Anyone with cancer needs strong support from family and friends. Communication with the hospice care team needs to be maintained as this can boost the patient’s confidence as well as his chance to survive. It is normal to feel anxious, both the patient and closest relatives can feel the same way about this situation. That's all about multiple myeloma prognosis.

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