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Is it Normal to Have Rash After Surgery?

Rash after surgery can be caused by a few factors. It can happen when the body can’t tolerate a foreign substance inserted into the body. But rash may also occur after treatment using chemicals. The skin is exposed to pollutants every single day, so damage is inevitable. Thankfully, the skin has a mechanism to rejuvenate itself. With regards to cancer, several treatments are known for causing damage to healthy cells, such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy. You have the right to know what will possibly happen to the skin in the event that you receive long-term treatment. Skin reactions do happen, although it is not experienced by every cancer patient. It depends on the sensitivity of the skin and how often the treatment is given. The doctor will tell you if a treatment commonly has side effects on the skin.

Rash After Surgery
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Lung cancer surgery

Lung cancer surgery is commonly advised for stage 1 and stage 2 patients. When the tumor is still localized, surgery to remove it from the body makes so much sense. But first, the doctor needs to identify the location of the tumor. In some cases, the nearby lymph nodes will also be taken out to prevent recurrence. Cancer that has spread to adjacent structures is very alarming because it can grow back even after the treatment is successful.

There are a few ways the surgery might be performed. Firstly, a cut can be made between the ribs. This type of operation is also known as thoracotomy. A small camera is also necessary to help the surgeon do it more accurately. As a patient, it is important to follow the doctor’s advice. For example, smoking is known to interfere with treatment, so the doctor would suggest you kick this habit prior to surgery. It is better to be tobacco-free since this substance is considered a major cause of lung cancer. If there is rash after surgery, consult your doctor.

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