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How is Colon Cancer Stage 4 Treated?

Colon cancer stage 4 is the most advanced stage, which means the cancer has infiltrated different parts of the body. Earlier stages have better survival rates, but there is still hope for someone with advanced cancer, although it is very little. Why is it more difficult to cure? When cancer cells have spread to other areas, they will cause damage at a faster rate. Treatment still works, but it needs to be intensified to catch up with the growth of the cancer.

Colon cancer stage 4
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Several forms of treatment are usually given to the patient to provide the best outcome. For your information, colon cancer stage 4 is further classified into two categories. When it comes to the size, it should be much bigger than when it was first formed in the original site. The cells can affect one or multiple organs. Stage 4a is used to describe metastatic cancer that has spread to one organ. If it is stage 4b, it means that the cancer has reached several organs.

Stage four colon cancer

It is better that this cancer is detected before it progresses into an advanced stage. The treatment choices for this type of cancer are similar to others. Surgery is one of the most effective treatments. In many cases, there is no better solution than removing abnormal cells from the body before they form a bigger tumor. A localized cancer can be cured quickly and it will probably not recur as long as you follow your doctor’s advice.

Surgical procedure for this cancer is known as surgical resection. Aside from the tumor itself, the doctor also probably considers taking out part of the healthy colon. It is to reduce the risk of recurring. Surgery can be used in collaboration with radiation therapy for the best results. Radiation therapy is like chemo, it destroys cancer cells by means of high-energy X-Rays. It should be done by a specialist.

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