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Common Signs of Lymphoma You Should Know

Before learning about the signs of lymphoma, it is important that you know there are more than 60 types of lymphoma. All of them are classified into two major categories, Hodgkin lymphoma and Non-hodgkin lymphoma. The other day we already discussed Non-hodgkin lymphoma, today we will specifically talk about lymphoma in general. Some symptoms may affect only one area, they are considered local. Meanwhile, if the symptoms have a broader impact on the body, then they are considered systemic. So, what are the signs of lymphoma?

Signs of Lymphoma
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A lump that appears on the skin is not necessarily dangerous. In many cases, these lumps are painless to touch. Just because it’s painless doesn’t mean it can’t cause a problem in the future. Whenever you notice a suspicious lump on the skin, just get it checked. As with other types of cancer, early detection is important. A cancer that’s found at an early stage is typically easier to cure.


If a lump doesn’t convince you enough to go to the doctor, pay attention to other symptoms like swelling. When you experience abnormal swelling in different parts of the body, it is a clear sign that you need a medical check-up. A lymphoma can grow so big that it blocks the vessels carrying blood. As a result, the body would swell. The longer the blood flow is blocked, the more serious the swelling will be. In some cases, it can also be followed by pain.


Pain is a good indicator that something is going on in your body. Basically, every pain has an underlying cause. Even if it is not related to lymphoma, you shouldn’t ignore the pain especially if it lasts more than a week. Mild pain is already annoying, let alone severe pain. So, what triggers pain when it comes to lymphoma? This mass can affect other organs during its development. This will eventually lead to pain. If it grows in the brain, the pain will be similar to migraine. Some people often overlook headaches because they think the pain should go away sooner or later. Well, be alarmed if the pain comes and goes constantly.

Non hodgkin lymphoma symptoms

Non hodgkin lymphoma may start painless. However, you will still notice swelling in the lymph nodes. There has to be the reason why the lymph nodes in your neck or armpit swell up. If this condition is left untreated, other symptoms like cough and breathlessness will follow. You can even have trouble swallowing. Just don’t take it lightly because difficulty swallowing is not normal. If it gets more serious, the disease would cause bigger problems like weight loss and severe pain. That’s some signs of lymphoma.

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