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Common Pituitary Adenoma Symptoms

Pituitary adenomas are tumors of the pituitary gland. They are considered benign or noncancerous. In fact, the majority of pituitary tumors are actually benign. They grow but tend to stay in the location when they originated. They can be cancerous, but such cases are very rare. This disease is more prevalent in older adults compared to other age brackets. Another interesting fact you should know is that these tumors affect up to 20% of adults. This shows how common they are.

Pituitary Adenoma Symptoms
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Despite the fact that most tumors are not aggressive, they can still cause major problems. However, it really depends on the size. Pituitary adenomas are divided into several types. The ones that produce hormones excessively are referred to as functional pituitary adrenomas. While the ones that don’t actively produce hormones are called nonfunctional.

And then, there are also macroadenomas which can be recognized by their large sizes of more than 1 cm. Since they are large, they can cause serious problems like a loss of vision. This occurs primarily because the tumors are large enough to compress tissues next to them. Some adenomas don’t grow bigger than 1 cm. They are called microadenomas and not serious since they don’t compress nearby tissues. The only problem is when they become active or secrete hormones excessively.

Pituitary gland tumor symptoms

There are various pituitary adenoma symptoms. They are largely dependent on the type of the tumor. For example, when an adenoma secretes prolactin, it may cause infertility and loss of menstrual periods in women. While in men, the most common symptoms include low testosterone level and impotency. Another type that secretes growth can cause some of the following symptoms. When the tumor grows in an adult, he can suffer from deep voice, high blood sugars, and overgrowth of the skull and the hands. If it affects a child, it will lead to a condition known as acromegaly which is characterized by tall stature.

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