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Colon Cancer Survival Rates and Staging

Colon cancer survival rates are determined by the stages. The doctor can provide estimation once the tests needed have been undergone by the patient. Actually, the information regarding survival rates has been collected for many years, which is why it is accurate. The patient has the right to know his chance of survival. If this is an early stage of colon cancer, he would likely to pass the 5-year survival rate and live longer than that. But if it is advanced cancer, the likelihood to live more than 5 years will decrease dramatically.

Colon Cancer Survival Rates
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The patient’s life expectancy is influenced by a number of factors with cancer stage being the most critical one. It doesn’t matter if the person is healthy, the cancerous cells will keep causing damage to the healthy parts of the body. Treatment needs to be administered intensively. Another factor is overall health. Some people are physically stronger than others and have better immune systems. They usually can cope with the disease better than the general population. It is not just about how the immune system protects the body, but also how the body responds to treatment. 88% is the survival rate figure for stage1 cancer. Stage 2 cancer has 70% of survival rate, while stage 3 and 4 has 43% and 7% respectively.

Colon cancer staging

The TNM classification is used to recognize the characteristics of the cancer. T represents tumor, while N means lymph node and N is used to describe the spread of the cancer. In stage 1, the growing tumor is still localized in the bowel wall. As the tumor grows beyond the muscular layer of the bowel, it can be identified as stage 2 cancer. If the spread is more expansive, it will be considered stage 3 cancer. It has traveled to lymph nodes. Stage 4 is the last one, indicates that the cells have been found in other areas far from the original site.

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