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Can We Have a Mammogram With Implant?

Is it a problem to have a mammogram with implant? For your information, the risk of breast cancer doesn’t increase when you decide to have an implant. There are many other factors that contribute more to this disease, such as age and family history. So, if you have a family history of breast cancer, then have regular checkups. Research shows that implants don’t directly affect the risk of cancer. Whether they are made of silicone or saline, there is nothing to worry about. Even FDA has reported that there is no correlation between the two.
mammogram with implant
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However, an implant can still cause a problem as it may prevent a tumor from getting detected earlier. An imaging test will be successful when there is no object obstructing what the doctor is trying to observe. Now with the presence of an implant made of silicon, the x-rays used during the screening would have trouble penetrating it. In other words, part of the breast tissue isn’t properly examined. 

Diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound

Another question that comes to mind is whether a mammogram will affect the condition of an implant. It’s totally normal to be concerned about it because this test typically involves pressing against the breast. Well, doctors are trained to deal with this situation, so they must understand how to do the screening when someone has breast implants. Where do you head to for this test? We suggest you go to a breast imaging center. For those who have implants, please let them know before the screening is started. Doing it in a reputable imaging center means you will get very accurate results since they set high standards. Also, choose a facility that provides comfort. For prevention, this test can be repeated every year. So, you would work with the same people for a long time.

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