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How Serious is Gleason Score 6?

Some people wonder if Gleason score 6 finding is likely to become aggressive cancer at some point. Cancer may have a slow growth rate initially, but it can possibly progress to a higher stage. If there is any sign of progression, the doctor will provide necessary treatment. Despite being at a lower grade, Gleason score 6 is still considered cancer for it shares similarities with Gleason 7 and above. They have a few things in common, such as the absence of basal cells.

Gleason Score 6
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Prostate biopsy procedure

Before having a biopsy, you should know what to expect. An ultrasound probe is the most essential tool in this test. It will be inserted into your rectum, so that the doctor can examine the prostate gland more closely. With the help of the imaging process, the doctor will later remove some samples. A biopsy gun is what it takes to obtain the samples. It serves to punch a needle through the lining of the rectum right into the prostate. During this period, you will experience a bit discomfort, which is normal. Some people have it worse, though. They even don’t want to have another after the first one.

The whole process takes around 20 minutes. Antibiotics will be offered to be taken orally. They are required to prevent infection. Are there any side effects? Regardless of the results, a biopsy can lead to light bleeding. If you notice that the stool is reddish in color, then it may indicate that there is blood contained in the matter. The bleeding is usually temporary, so there is nothing to worry about. Not just the rectum, but blood can also come out the penis with semen. It is expected knowing that the prostate gland plays a role in the production of semen. It typically lasts around 6 weeks. It is also worth-noting that certain medications need to be stopped prior to a biopsy test, so disclose what meds you’re on to the doctor.

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