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The Use of Blue Light Therapy for Cancer Treatment

The Use of Blue Light Therapy for Cancer Treatment - Blue light therapy can be used to treat various medical conditions, including cancer. However, this is only used limited to certain areas that the light can reach. In many cases, blue light therapy is effective for treating sun damage. It is also incorporated in the treatment of skin cancer. With constant exposure to this light, cancer growth can be slowed down. When skin lesions have yet to become cancerous, they will be easier to cure. Even if they have become cancerous, it can still help by preventing the cells from spreading to other areas or also known as metastasis.

The Use of Blue Light Therapy for Cancer Treatment
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Blue light treatment

If you wonder how it works, the light works in cooperation with a photosynthesizing drug to kill cancer cells. The drug will be applied on the skin beforehand. It also works by stimulating an immune system defense. Blue light therapy is not exclusively for treating cancer. It is just as effective to get rid of acne. So for those who have serious acne or acne scars, this can be an option. Aside from treating cancer, healthcare experts also use it for psychological conditions, like depression. We know that this disorder is hard to treat. It takes a combination of several forms of treatment to provide good results. It is particularly effective for Seasonal Affective Disorder which has to do with winter weather.

Blue light treatment can be done as an outpatient. The patient will be taken to a darkened room. If it requires photosynthesizing drugs, then the drugs would be applied first. In some cases, the patient has to wait for a few hours until the substances in the drugs are completely absorbed by the skin. Whether it is short or long, it is always advised to avoid sunlight when the treatment is ongoing. Also, expect the doctor to give goggles. They are required to protect your vision during the therapy.

Depending on the severity of the problem, it can take anywhere from 15 – 90 minutes to finish. For a small area, it probably won’t last longer than 30 minutes. Many people question the effectiveness of this treatment. Well, it should work as long as the treatment is administered multiple times. It can take a few sessions to treat a skin condition.

Side effects

Are there any side effects of blue light therapy? Some people have very sensitive skin which is easily affected by chemicals. If you have this type of skin, chances are you will experience swelling and redness after the treatment. The side effects are also directly related to the medication given to the patient. It is normal for the treated area to form a crust and eventually peel. Just rest it to speed up the recovery process.

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