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Stage 3 Colon Cancer Survival Rate and How It's Handled

Stage 3 Colon Cancer Survival Rate and How It's Handled - Speaking of stage 3 colon cancer survival rate, it is not that high, but there is still chance to prolong the patient’s life with the right treatment. The goal is to remove parts containing cancerous cells. Surgery is highly recommended. It works mainly for early stages of colon cancer. In stage 3, the cancer has reached the abdominal cavity as well as the nearby lymph nodes. However, it has yet to be found in distant areas. It makes this cancer curable. Nearly 40% to 50% of patients manage to fight off their cancer, although the risk of recurring will always exist. It is mainly because the cells have traveled a bit far from the original site. They are known as micrometastases and surgery is not the way to remove them from the body.

Stage 3 Colon Cancer Survival Rate
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Stage 4 colon cancer survivor

Being a 4 colon cancer survivor is a great achievement. Cancer is a deadly disease that’s ready to take your life anytime especially when it has metastasized. With advances in cancer treatment, there is still hope to help people who have the courage to keep fighting. Chemotherapy is one of those treatments that doctors normally provide to cancer patients when surgery is not an option. Radiation therapy is also effective and often used in combination with chemotherapy.

The goal of this treatment combination is to remove the malignant cells from the body completely. If there is nothing left, the risk of recurring will decrease significantly. Despite all the side effects, chemotherapy has been known for its amazing results. It can effectively kill and slow down cancer growth. It can also prevent tumor relapse. This will directly affect the patient’s life expectancy. There are a number of drugs used during chemo. Each one has unique compounds and work differently. They are either taken orally or injected into the bloodstream. That’s all about stage 3 colon cancer survival rate.

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