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Facts About Stage 4 Stomach Cancer

Facts About Stage 4 Stomach Cancer - Stomach cancer commonly starts in the inner layer of the stomach. When left untreated, the cancer will grow larger and it can invade other areas. The real problem begins when the cells break away from the original tumor. The cells can reach distant areas and this condition is known as metastasis. Treating cancer that has metastasized is way harder than treating it when it’s at an early stage. The survival rate is determined by the stage of cancer.
Facts About Stage 4 Stomach Cancer
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Stage 4 stomach cancer is considered advanced, meaning that it has become very serious. In terms of size, it should be much bigger than when it started to form. The cells are also likely to have traveled far from the original site. Although the survival rate is generally low, the doctor can still provide necessary treatment. Treatment should be suited to the needs of the patient.

The patient’s general health condition should also be taken into account. Chemotherapy can still be administered. As we all know, chemotherapy uses chemicals to damage cancer cells. Surgery might also be considered especially when there is a blockage in the stomach. Radiotherapy is another form of treatment for cancer. It is required to relieve the symptoms. All of these treatments can be used together to provide the best results.

Stomach cancer survival rate

The 5-year survival rate for this type of cancer is around 22%. It can be higher or lower depending on several factors. For example, the type of cancer can directly influence survival rate as it has to do with the growth of the cancer. The stage is another essential factor. As said before, the survival rate will decrease as the disease becomes more advanced. At stage 4, cancer has spread to other organs, so it will be harder to treat. The patient’s response to treatment can’t also be ignored. Those who have no problem receiving treatment have a higher chance to survive.

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